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Global Employment Trends for Youth 2017: Paths to a better working future

Publisher: ILO
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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9789221303466
Author: International Labour Office
Publication Date: 11-Dec-2017
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Number of Pages: 126

Description: Incorporating the most recent labour market information available, Global Employment Trends for Youth sets out the youth labour market situation around the world. It shows where progress has or has not been made, updates world and regional youth labour market indicators, and gives detailed analyses of medium-term trends in youth population, labour force, employment and unemployment. Youth unemployment is expected to rise slightly reaching 13.1 per cent by 2018 although the expected 71.1 million young unemployed is well below the crisis peak of 76.7 million in 2009. Working poverty amongst youth remains pervasive with 16.4 per cent of young workers living below the extreme poverty threshold (US$1.90 per day) and three out of four employed young people in informal work The 2017 report focusses on the future of work for youth and, in particular, the implications of technological change for the quantity and quality of work for youth. It presents trends in sectoral employment and status of employment for youth, and how technology may impact on these trends, and on the forms of work available to young people. While youth are often more adept in adapting to new technology, and are in a position to reap opportunities arising from the current wave of technological change, they face an increasingly diverse world of work. Financial intermediation, transport and communications and health care stand out as growth sectors for young workers, but future trajectories of youth employment will depend on how technological change evolves in these and other sectors. More and more young people are starting out in their working lives with short-term working arrangements, some in the platform and gig economy. Although there has been a shift away from vulnerable self-employment this has been more than compensated by an expansion of temporary and informal dependent wage employment amongst the young. While they are ready to ride the wave of new changes, young workers, however, value security and stability in their working lives, as the ILO`s youth perceptions survey reveals. The report draws on the extensive range of analyses undertaken by the ILO and others in recent years so as to outline innovative and effective policy responses to the challenges facing young people entering the world of work today. The report also offers insights into the directions in which National policies and programmes need to head in order to better rise to the challenges which will be faced by the youth of tomorrow in their search for entry points into Decent Work.

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