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Pierre Rousseau and the 'Philosophes' of Bouillon

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Format: Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780729400800
ISBN-10: 0729400808
Author: Raymond F. Birn
Publication Date: 31-Dec-1964
Additional Information:

Table of Contents: Preface


Chapter I. French journalism and the Enlightenment: to 1756 

Chapter II. The founding of the Journal encyclopédique: to 1756 

Chapter III. Publication and problems: January 1756 to May 1759 

Chapter IV. Suppression and re-establishment: May 1759 to January 1760 

Chapter V. Rousseau in Bouillon: the first years, 1760 to 1767 

Chapter VI. The establishment of the Société typographique: 1767 to 1772 

Chapter VII. The 'Panckoucke edition' of the Encyclopédie: to February 1771 

Chapter VIII. Rousseau and the Suppléments à l'Encyclopédie: 1771 to 1777 

Chapter IX. Rousseau's last years: 1775 to 1785 

Chapter X. The end of the Bouillon enterprises and their successors 

Chapter XI. The Journal encyclopédique 



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