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Louis XIV and the Age of the Enlightenment: The Myth of the Sun King from 1715 to 1789

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729401173
ISBN-10: 0729401170
Author: Neil R. Johnson
Publication Date: 01-Apr-1978
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I. Public opinion in eighteenth-century France 

II. The portrait of the king before 1715 

III. The death of Louis XIV 

IV. Towards a new mythology 

V. The ideal king 

VI. The character of Louis XIV 

VII. Arts and letters under Louis XIV 

VIII. The foreign policy of Louis XIV 

IX. The religious policy of Louis XIV 

X. The economic policy of Louis XIV and public opinion 

XI. The absolutism of Louis XIV and public opinion 

XII. Voltaire and the age of Louis XIV 

XIII. The myth of Louis XIV on the eve of the Revolution 


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