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Petit De Bachaumont: His Circle and the 'Mémoires Secrets'

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780729401586
ISBN-10: 0729401588
Author: Robert S. Tate
Publication Date: 31-Dec-1968
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Table of Contents: Introduction

I. Bachaumont's early life 

1. Family and birth 

2. Influence of Le Nôtre 

3. Some intellectual tendencies 

II. Three friends of Bachaumont 

1. The abbé Prévost 

2. The abbé Gédoyn 

3. A Protégé - the marquis d'Eguilles 

III. Bachaumont's aesthetic pursuits 

1. Painting and sculpture 

2. Music 

3. Architecture and urbanisme 

IV. The salon of Madame Doublet 

1. Bachaumont and Madame Doublet 

2. The Habitués 

3. Character of the salon 

V. The Nouvelles à la main 

1. Background 

2. The Two Registres and their yield 

3. Decline of the salon 

VI. The Mémoires secrets 

1. Publication 

2. Reception 

3. The Mémoires secrets and the parlements 


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