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Study of the works of Claude Buffier

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729401593
ISBN-10: 0729401596
Author: Kathleen Sonia Wilkins
Publication Date: 01-Jan-1969
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Table of Contents: Introduction

I. Buffier's life and the phases of his interests 

II. Buffier as an educationist: innovator within a tradition 

III. Buffier on metaphysics and religion: common sense and popularisation 

IV. The sources of Buffier's metaphysical thought 

V. The influence of Buffier's metaphysics 

VI. Buffier's contribution to ethical thought: a Jesuit's lay morality 

VII. Buffier's views on aesthetics and literary creation: mediator in the Querelle des anciens et des modernes 


Appendix A. Letter from Buffier to Mlle de Scudéry 

Appendix B. List of articles on metaphysics in the Encyclopédie plagiarised from Buffier 

Appendix C. The article 'Sens commun' in Encyclopédie as an example of plagiarism 

Bibliography of the works of Claude Buffier 

List of works cited 


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