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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729401722
ISBN-10: 0729401723
Author: Vol Ed: Theodore Besterman
Publication Date: 01-Jan-1971
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Table of Contents:

Theodore Besterman, Additions and corrections to the definitive edition of Voltaire's correspondence. I: vols.i-x (Voltaire 85-94)

Robert Kusch, Voltaire as symbol of the eighteenth century in Carlyle's Frederick 

Michel Gaulin, Montesquieu et l'attribution de la lettre XXXIV des Lettres persanes 

Stephen Werner, Diderot's Encyclopédie article 'Agnus Scythicus' 

Irwin L. Greenberg, Narrative technique and literary indiscretion in Diderot's Les Bijoux indiscrets and Jacques le fataliste 

Robert C. Carroll, Rousseau's bookish ontology 

D. W. Smith, Helvétius's library 

Lawrence J. Forno, Challe and the eighteenth century 

Lubbe Levin, Masque et identité dans Le Paysan parvenu 

J. Vercruysse, La Harpe et la Gazette d'Utrecht: une lettre inédite à Choiseul 

Barry Ivker, On the darker side of the Enlightenment 

Richard L. Frautschi, Some eighteenth-century French stances of silence

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