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Diderot's 'Essai Sur Sénèque'

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729402057
ISBN-10: 0729402053
Author: W.T. Conroy
Publication Date: 01-Jan-1975
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Table of Contents: Preface
I. Background to Diderot's Essai sur Sénèque 
A. Classical studies in the eighteenth century 
B. The Tradition of Senecan studies 
C. The Expectation and reception of Diderot's Essai 
II. The Essai sur Sénèque as a defence of Seneca 
A. Diderot's adaptation of primary texts 
B. Diderot's reconstruction of history 
C. Refutation of the critics of Seneca 
III. The Essai sur Sénèque as a defence of Diderot 
A. Diderot's affinity with Seneca 
B. Further parallels between Seneca and Diderot 
C. The Character Seneca and apology 
IV. The Essai sur Sénèque as a didactic work 
A. Diderot's manner of instruction 
B. Diderot's thoughts on politics 
C. The Character Seneca and moral example 
V. The Essai sur Sénèque as literary work 
A. The Style of Diderot's translations 
B. The Structure of the Essai 
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