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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729402064
ISBN-10: 0729402061
Author: Vol Ed: Theodore Besterman
Publication Date: 01-Jan-1975
Additional Information:

Table of Contents:

Jenny H. Batlay, Analyse d'un chapitre de Zadig: le nez, démystification et moralité 

R. Galliani, Voltaire cité par les brochures de 1789 

Robert Wokler, The Influence of Diderot on the political theory of Rousseau: two aspects of a relationship 

H. Nicholas Bakalar, Language and logic: Diderot and the grammariens-philosophes 

Godelieve Mercken-Spaas, The Social anthropology of Rousseau's Emile 

Benjamin W. Palmer, Crébillon fils and his reader 

Viktor Link, The Reception of Crébillon's Le Sopha in England: an unnoticed edition and some imitations 

Adrian P. L. Kempton, The Theme of childhood on French eighteenth-century memoir novels

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