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Voltaire and Protestantism

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780729402439
ISBN-10: 0729402436
Author: Graham Gargett
Publication Date: 01-Jan-1980
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Table of Contents: Acknowledgements

Prefatory note 

Table of abbreviations 

1. Introduction 

2. Voltaire and the Reformation 
i. The background to the Reformation 
ii. Luther's reform 
iii. The Reformation spreads 
iv. Voltaire's attitude to the Reformation 

3. Voltaire, the Reformers, their doctrines, and the ethos of Protestantism 
i. Luther 
ii. Zwingli and the minor reformers 
iii. Calvin 
iv. Protestant morality 
v. Protestant theology 
vi. The benefits of Erastianism 

4. Protestantism in Holland 
i. The enigma of Dutch toleration 
ii. The Dutch character 

5. Voltaire and Switzerland 
i. The first months: uneasy peace 
ii. Lausanne 
iii. The first shots against Calvinism: 'l'âme atroce' 
iv. The 'sociniens honteux' 
v. The Saurin affair 
vi. Ferney - splendid isolation 
vii. Jacob Vernet (1698-1789) 
viii. Jacob Vernes (1728-1791) 
ix. Elie Bertrand (1713-1797) 
x. Allamand (1709-1784) 
xi. Paul Moultou (1731-1787) 
xii. Geneva and Voltaire: the social and political element 
xiii. Antoine 
xiv. The Questions sur les miracles 
xv. Conclusion 

6. Protestantism in France: a civil disaster 
i. The French Reformation and the civil wars 
ii. The repeal of the Edict of Nantes and the Camisard uprising 

7. Voltaire and the églises du désert: contemporary French Protestantism and the struggle for toleration 
i. Before 1754 
ii. 1754 - 1762 
iii. The Rochette case 
iv. The Calas case: Voltaire's attitude crystallises 
v. The consequences of the Calas case: initial optimism 
vi. Fluctuating hopes and fortunes: 1764-1766 
vii. Voltaire and Protestant assemblies 
viii. Voltaire, Gilbert de Voisin's Mémoires, and L'Ingenu 
ix. The last years 
x. Voltaire's influence on the Protestant clergy 
xi. Voltaire and Gal-Pomaret 
xii. The Huguenots' ridiculous characteristics 

8. Protestantism in England: an enviable compromise 
i. The development of toleration in England 
ii. Quakers: the perfect pacifists 
iii. Voltaire and the English Protestant influence 
iv. Anglicanism: an example for the French 

9. Conclusion 
i. Voltaire's God: a reassessment 
ii. Voltaire and Protestantism: a temporary alliance 

Appendix 1 The Saurin affair and the Colloques of Lausanne, Vevey and Aigle 

Appendix 2 References to the Calas and Sirven affairs in Voltaire's correspondence 

Appendix 3 Protestant reaction to the Traité sur la tolérance and the identity of the pastors consulted during its preparation 

Appendix 4 Le Siècle de Louis XIV: additions to and alterations of chapter 26 ('Du Calvinisme au temps de Louis XIV') 

Appendix 5 A possible source for the Anglican clergyman Freind 

List of works cited and consulted 


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