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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780729402446
ISBN-10: 0729402444
Author: Vol ed: Haydn Mason
Publication Date: 01-Jan-1980
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Table of Contents:

R. Galliani, A propos de Voltaire, de Leibniz et de la Théodicée 

Adrienne M. Redshaw, Voltaire and Lucretius 

Pierre Haffter, Voltaire et les italiques 

Barbara W. Maggs, Voltaire and the Balkans: aspects of the Enlightenment in 18th-century Croatia and Serbia 

R. S. Ridgway, Voltaire's operas 

George Klosko, Montesquieu's science of politics: absolute values and ethical relativism in L'Esprit des lois 

Laurence L. Bongie, Diderot and the rue Taranne 

John A. Fleming, Textual autogenesis in Marivaux's Paysan parvenu 

R. Galliani, Trois lettres inédites de Buffon 

Frédéric Barbier, Quelques documents inédits sur l'abbé Delille 

Robert F. O'Reilly, The spurious attribution of the Voyage à Paphos and an appreciation of Montesquieu's Temple de Gnide 

Dorothy Medlin, André Morellet and the idea of progress 

Madelyn Gutwirth, Laclos and 'Le sexe': the rack of ambivalence 

Barbara Brookes, The feminism of Condorcet and Sophie de Grouchy 

D. A. Coward, Eighteenth-century attitudes to prostitution 

Robert Niklaus, Review article: Etudes sur le XVIIIe siècle

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