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Inventory Of Diderot's Encyclopédie: Plates: With a Study of the Contributors by John Lough

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780729403108
ISBN-10: 0729403106
Author: Richard N. Schwab/Walter E. Rex/John Lough
Publication Date: 01-Jan-1984
Additional Information:

Table of Contents: Introduction

General considerations 

Essay on the relation of the plates, articles, and explications 

Problems of attribution, particularly regarding Diderot 

The plates and the problem of attribution of the unsigned articles 

The physical production of the plates: the craftsmen and artists 

Inventory of the plates 

Part I: Description of the plates 

The original edition, Census of the plates 

Collation of volumes I-XI 

The supplementary volume of plates (XII), and Collation 

The plates of the ‘Geneva’ edition, Collation and Main check points for identification
Part II: Comprehensive inventory of the plates 

Volumes I-XI and Volume XII (Supplément

Part III: Index of articles containing references to the plates 

Volumes I-XVII and Supplément Volumes I-IV 

Part IV: Index of objects depicted in the plates 

Part V: Index of contributors to the plates 

Errata and addenda for volumes I-VI of the Inventory 

General table of contents for volumes I-VI 

J. LOUGH, The Contributors to the Encyclopédie 


1. The contributors to the Encyclopédie 

2. The contributors to the Supplément 

3. Notes on the contributors to the Encyclopédie 

4. Notes on the contributors to the Supplément 


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