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The Anatomy of Superstition: Study of the Historical Theory and Practice of Pierre Bayle

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780729403726
ISBN-10: 0729403726
Author: Ruth Whelan
Publication Date: 01-Jan-1989
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Table of Contents: Acknowledgements



I. Prologue: the objectivity of the historian 

1. Agreda 

2. Nestorius 

II. The historian as moralist 

3. ‘La racine du mal’: the psychology of total depravity and the pyschology of the historian 

4. Godliness and good learning: the ethics of the Republic of Letters 

III. History, criticism and faith 

5. ‘Les têtes de l’Hydre’: theological method and historical method 

6. The Ariadne’s thread: Bayle and Scripture 

IV. Theology and history 

7. ‘Le doigt de Dieu’ and ‘ le théâtre du monde’: the philosophy of history 

8. ‘Le rire des honnêtes gens’: historical iconoclasm: conclusion 


Appendix I. Nestorius: the background 

Appendix II. Biblical articles in the Dictionnaire 

Appendix III. The lives of the popes 



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