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Nicolas Lenglet Dufresnoy and the literary underworld of the ancien régime

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780729403825
ISBN-10: 0729403823
Author: Geraldine Sheridan
Publication Date: 01-Jan-1989
Additional Information:

Table of Contents: Abbreviations for manuscript sources


1. The wigmaker’s son: 1674-1704 
Family background 
Insubordinate theologian: the lure of print 
Oratorian retreat 
Lenglet as littérateur 
The graduand 

2. The fortune seeker: 1705-1714 
Secret agent 
Man of the cloth: but which colour? 
International spy 
Historical methodologist 
The exile’s return 

3. The decline of patronage: 1715-1728 
Paris under the Regency 
Defender of the Gallican hierarchy 
Bouc émissaire turned mouton 
Geographer and book-thief 
Vienna: a lost Maecenas 
Death of Le Blanc 

4. Lenglet and libertinage: 1729-1739 
The historian as incrédule 
The libertins rehabilitated: early French poetry 
Lenglet as satirist 
Ideas disseminated: the Spinozist heritage 
‘Réjouir l’imagination’: an apologia for the novel 
Capitalising on a reputation 

5. Acceptability if not respectability: 1740-1749 
The twilight zone of Grub Street: financial insecurity in the later years 
New departures: from Voltaire to occultism 
Historian of France or subverter of the monarchy: chafing at the bit 
Consolidation of established interests 
Politics and propaganda 

6. The encyclopédiste: 1750-1755 
Last challenges to authority 
Lenglet and the encyclopedic spirit 
La Monarchie française: the final endeavour 




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