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The Philosophy of Restif de La Bretonne

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780729404105
ISBN-10: 0729404102
Author: David Coward
Publication Date: 01-Jan-1991
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Table of Contents: I. The formative years 
1. Sacy and La Bretonne 
2. Boyhood and schooling (1734-1751) 
3. Apprentice and journeyman (1751-1767) 
4. The man, the thinker 

II. The reform of society 
5. Society unmasked (I): Morals and religion 
6. Society unmasked (II): Class and economic structures 
7. Restif as critic and historian of society 
8. Restif philosophe: the mantle of Voltaire 
9. ‘L’homme à projets’ (I): the ‘Idées singulières’ 
10. ‘L’homme à projets’ (II): the end and the beginning 
11. ‘L’homme à projets’ (III): State and Church 
12. Sources: Sacy observed 
13. Sources: the mantle of Rousseau 
14. Restif at the crossroads (1779-1785) 

III. Theory 
15. Restif’s science 
16. The anatomy of nature 
17. Religion 
18. Man 
19. Morality 
20. Institutions: marriage and the family 
21. Institutions: politics 
22. Institutions: economics 

IV. Utopia, the Revolution, and after 
23. Utopia 
24. The Revolution (1789-1794) 
25. The aftermath: Restif’s revolution (1789-1798) 
26. The final solution 

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