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The French Booktrade and the 'Permission Simple' of 1777: Copyright and Public Domain with an Edition of the Permit Registers

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780729404419
ISBN-10: 0729404412
Author: Robert L. Dawson
Publication Date: 01-Jan-1992
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1. The ‘permission simple’ yesterday and today

2. A royal decree and its consequences

A. The decree

B. Prelude

C. Controversy

D. The fee

E. The administration and the permit

3. Inside the registers

A. The model

B. Paris and the permit

C. War against the Paris trade: the newly-formed public domain

4. The bibliographical evidence of the registers

A. New works and old

B. The deposit

C. Anomalies

D. Cazin

E. Further problems

5. Fraud

A. Edition runs and related issues

B. Piracies

C. Other problems relating to fraud

6. Conclusion

Appendix 1: Select bibliography of eighteenth-century books

Appendix 2: Hitherto unpublished excerpts from Hardy’s journal, Mes loisirs

Appendix 3: The ‘Tableau des ouvrages jugés communs’

The ‘permission simple’ data

Bibliography of source material


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