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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780729404426
ISBN-10: 0729404420
Author: Vol ed: Haydn Mason
Publication Date: 01-Jan-1992
Additional Information:

Table of Contents: Morris Wachs, Voltaire’s claim to illegitimacy: an overlooked document

James L. Schorr, An early critique of Voltaire’s Œdipe 

Gary Lambert, Antoine Adam: Voltaire’s Jesuit in residence 

Marc Serge Rivière, The Anti-Sans-Souci: a case of mistaken identity 

Robin Howells, The rise of the rococo in French literature (1685-1700) 

William H. Trapnell, Challe’s voyage of faith 

James P. Gilroy, Self-educated women in the novels of the abbé Prévost 

J. Th. De Booy, Diderot avant Diderot: précisions sur un texte de 1742 

Shelly Ekhtiar, Hayy ibn Yaqzan: the eighteenth-century reception of an oriental self-taught philosopher 

Alex Sokalsi et Susan L. Carrell, Les souvenirs d’un fils: documents inédits sur la comtesse de Sabran 

Mark Goldie, Common Sense philosophy and Catholic theology in the Scottish Enlightenment 

Bertram Eugene Schwarzbach, Une nation reniée – une nation adoptée: la politisation du judaïsme en France 

Nancy Senior, The teaching of reading during the Revolution 

J.-C. Bourdin, Le ‘profond sérieux’ de Robinet selon Hegel 

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