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Jacob Vernet, Geneva and the Philosophes

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780729404839
ISBN-10: 0729404838
Author: Graham Gargett
Publication Date: 01-Jan-1994
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Table of Contents: Abbreviations

Preface and acknowledgements 

1. The early years: education, travel and first contacts with Voltaire (1698-1733) 

2. Vernet’s career develops: theologian, professor of Belles-lettres, author and editor (1733-1754) 

3. The rift with Voltaire begins (1754-1760) 

4. The Dialogues chrétiens and Vernet’s reply 

5. Voltaire, Vernet and the theatre 

6. The authorship of the Dialogues chrétiens 

7. The Lettres critiques d’un voyaguer anglais

8. Vernet and Rousseau 

9. Hostilities with Voltaire continue 

10. The last years 




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