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Queen of the World: Opinion in the Public Life of France from the Renaissance to the Revolution

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780729404990
ISBN-10: 0729404994
Author: J. A. W. Gunn
Publication Date: 01-Jan-1995
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Table of Contents: Acknowledgements


1. The reputation of the Prince 

2. The self and others: opinion in the reign of Louis XIV 

3. The public and its opinions 

4. Autour de Montesquieu 

5. Rousseau and a new language 

6. Prejudice: development of a concept 

7. Opinion and evidence: the Physiocrats 

8.Public opinion and the monarchy: theory at the abyss 

9. Public spirit: the revolutionary hope 

10. Pulse of the Revolution 


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