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Transactions of the Ninth international congress on the Enlightenment: Vols I, II, III (3-Volume Set)

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780729405348
ISBN-10: 0729405346
Author: Vol Ed: Anthony Strugnell
Publication Date: 31-Dec-1996
Additional Information:

Table of Contents: Plenary sessions.
The problem of peace in the 18th century ; East-West relations ; The modern relevance of the Enlightenment.

Enlightenment as epoch and programme.
Unity and diversity ; Germany ; Poland ; The Romance countries ; Russia and the Ukraine ; Moses Mendelssohn : Enlightenment and modernity ; Great Britain and the United States ; The reception of learning – Scotland and Europe ; Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium.
Literature and philosophy.
Language ; The novel ; Correspondence ; William Beckford and avant-gardism ; german literature ; Philosophy in the European context ; Theatre ; French literature ; Books and libraries ; Voltaire and Rousseau ; English literature ; D’Alembert and the Encyclopedies ; Diderot ; Manners of reading ; Clandestine literature.

Art and culture.
Aesthetics and art theory ; Literature, the arts and the theory of knowledge ; Travel ; Music : Opera, Musical aesthetics, Musical culture ; Fine arts ; Culture and society ; Cultural relations ; Education.

Science and religion.
Theology and the Church ; Medicine, anthropology, literature ; Natural sciences ; History ; Physicotheology.

State and Politics.
Freemasonry ; Law, administration, economy ; War and peace ; The Far East ; The intellectual life of the Huguenots ; Revolution and utopia ; Press and public ; Politics and political theory ; Montesquieu ; East-West relations ; Frederick II.

Women’s studies. Law, society, gender ; Female readers, female writers, the reading public ; Women and authorship ; Art, literature, aesthetics ; Education, learning, the sciences.

Studies on and criticism of the Enlightenment.
Reviews and journals ; Counter movements ; Studies on the Enlightenment ; Criticism and contemporary importance of the Enlightenment ; Trends and institutions in Enlightenment studies ; History of concepts of the Enlightenment.

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