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The Dumb Show: Image and Society in the Works of William Hogarth

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780729405546
ISBN-10: 0729405540
Author: Ed: Frédéric Ogée
Publication Date: 01-Jan-1997
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Table of Contents: List of illustrations

Preface and acknowledgements

Frederic Ogee, Introduction 

Jacque Carre, Artist and artistes in Hogarth’s works

Roy Porter, Capital art: Hogarth’s London

Peter Wagner, The discourse on crime in Hogarth’s graphic works

Frederic Ogee, ‘And Universal Darkness buries All’: Hogarth and excess

Pierre Georgel, ‘The most contemptible meanness that lines can be formed into’?: Hogarth and the ‘other’ arts

Peter Wagner, The artist at work: a (de)constructive view of Hogarth’s Beer Street 

David Bindman, The nature of satire in the ‘modern moral subjects’

Bernd Krysmanski, Hagarty, not Hogarth? The true defender of English ‘wit and humour’

Marie-Madeleine Martinet, Oblique perspectives as ironical point of view in Hoghart’s series of pictures

Michel Baridon, Hogarth the empiricist

List of works cited

Notes on contributors

Index of persons

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