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Using the Encyclopédie: Ways of Knowing, Ways of Reading

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729407953
ISBN-10: 0729407950
Author: Ed: Daniel Brewer/Ed: Julie Candler Hayes
Publication Date: 01-May-2002
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Table of Contents: Editors’ preface, or Dialogue between A and B


David Bates, Cartographic aberrations: epistemology and order in the encyclopedic map

Daniel Brewer, Constructing philosophers

Fabienne-Sophie Chauderlot, Encyclopédismes d’hier et d’aujourd’hui: informations ou pensée? Une lecture de l’Encyclopédie à la Deleuze

Patrick Coleman, 'Figure’ in the Encyclopédie: discovery or discipline

Thomas Dipiero, Bodies of knowledge

Julie Candler Hayes, Translation, (in)version and the encyclopedic network

Cynthia J. Koepp, Making money: artisans and entrepreneurs in Diderot’s Encyclopédie

Robert Morrissey, The Encyclopédie: monument for a nation

Pierre Saint-Amand, Les progrès de la civilité dans l’Encyclopédie

Philip Stewart, The Encyclopédie on-line

Downing A. Thomas, Taste, commonality and musical imagination in the Encyclopédie

Ann-Marie Thornton, Translating the garden: references to Philip Miller’s The Gardener’s dictionary in the Encyclopédieof Diderot and d’Alembert

Janie Vanpée, La Femme mode d’emploi: how to read the article FEMME in the Encyclopédie

Anne C. Vila, The body in crisis: vitalism, hydrotherapy and medical discourse in the Encyclopédie

Stephen Werner, The Encyclopédie ‘index’

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