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Nicolas-Etienne Framery: and lyric theatre in eighteenth-century France

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729408363
ISBN-10: 0729408361
Author: Mark Darlow
Publication Date: 21-Nov-2003
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Table of Contents: Table of illustrations




1. Nicolas-Etienne Framery: a reluctant modernist?

2. Preference for the opéra-comique

3. Transformations of French works

4. The renewal of public interest in Italian music: parody as cultural translation

5. Framery and Sacchini

6. Framery and Paisiello

7. Criticism as a vehicle for cultural progress: Framery as journalist and critic

8. Framery’s work in cultural administration

9. Late writings on musical theory


Appendix 1: Unpublished and little-known texts by or concerning Framery

Appendix 2: Letters from Framery to the press

Appendix 3: Public performances of works by Framery

Appendix 4: Press reviews of works by Framery

Appendix 5: Liminary texts: La Colonie, ‘Au lecteur’

Critical catalogue of Framery’s works



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