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Interpreting Colonialism

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729408455
ISBN-10: 0729408450
Author: Ed: Byron R. Wells/Ed: Philip Stewart
Publication Date: 21-Sep-2004
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Table of Contents: Introduction

I. Representations
Driss Aissaoui, L’image de l’Autre dans le Journal de voyage de Robert Challe
Fabienne-Sophie Chauderlot, Prolégomènes à un anti-colonialisme futur: Histoire des deux Indes et Supplément au Voyage de Bougainville de Diderot
Mark Hinchman, The travelling portrait: women and representation in eighteenth-century Senegal
Oliver Berghof, Tahiti, 1767-1777: the view from the shore
Sven Trakulhun, Lost history: 18th-century European travel literature and the writing of the Thai past of the Ayudhyan period (1350-1767)

II. Mercantilism
Noelia González Adánez, From kingdoms to colonies: the enlightened idea of America in Charles III’s Spain
Gustavo L. Paz, Mules for the Indians: coerced consumption and domestic market in late colonial Spanish South America
Ty M. Reese, Debating England’s African trade: mercantilism, free trade, and the world’s commodities at Cape Coast Castle, 1730-1780
Eun Kyung Min, Narrating the Far East: commerce, civility, and ceremony in the Amherst Embassy to China, 1816-1817
Siraj Ahmed, The power to lend money without extracting interest: renegade capitalism in late eighteenth-century British India

III. Religion and ideology
David Eduardo Tavárez, Colonial evangelisation and native resistance: the interplay of native political autonomy and ritual practices in Villa Alta (New Spain), 1700-1704
Ruth Hill, Casta as culture and the Sociedad de Castas as literature
Doris Garraway, Material bodies, spiritual worlds: ideologies of the occult and regimes of discipline in the colonial French Caribbean
Eva M. Pérez, Encounters in sixteenth-century Europe: Jews, black slaves and despots in William Godwin’s Travels of St Leon

IV. Slavery
Daniel Carey, Sugar, colonialism and the critique of slavery: Thomas Tryon in Barbados
Lynn Festa, Tropes and chains: figures of exchange in eighteenth-century depictions of the slave trade
Sarah Watson Parsons, The arts of abolition: race, representation, and British colonialism, 1768-1807
Vera Lind, Privileged dependency on the edge of the Atlantic world: Africans and Germans in the eighteenth century

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