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The Lisbon Earthquake of 1755: Representations and Reactions

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729408578
ISBN-10: 0729408574
Author: Ed: Theodore E. D. Braun/John B. Radner
Publication Date: 10-Feb-2005
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Table of Contents: List of illustrations

Michel Delon, Avant-propos

Theodore E. D. Braun and John B. Radner, Introduction

Malcolm Jack, Destruction and regeneration: Lisbon, 1755

Charles D. James and Jan T. Kozak, Representations of the 1755 Lisbon earthquake

Russell R. Dynes, The Lisbon earthquake of 1755: the first modern disaster

Diego Téllez Alarcia, Spanish interpretations of the Lisbon Earthquake between 1755 and the war of 1762

Carmen Espejo Cala, Spanish news pamphlets on the 1755 earthquake: trade strategies of the printers of Seville

Matthias Georgi, The Lisbon earthquake and scientific knowledge in the British public sphere

Robert G. Ingram, ‘The trembling Earth is God’s herald’: earthquakes, religion, and public life in Britain during the 1750s

Robert Webster, The Lisbon earthquake: John and Charles Wesley Reconsidered

Grégory Quenet, Déconstruire l’événement. Un séisme philosophique ou une catastrophe naturelle?

Theodore E. D. Braun, Voltaire and Le Franc de Pompignan: poetic reactions to the Lisbon earthquake

Anne-Sophie Barrovecchio, A propos de Voltaire, de maître André et du Tremblement de terre de Lisbonne: histoire d’une supercherie tragique de l’avocat Jean-Henri Marchand

Catriona Seth, ‘Je ne pourrai pas en faire le récit’: Le tremblement de terre de Lisbonne vu par Le Brun, Marchand et Genlis

Jeff Loveland, Guéneau de Montbeillard, the Collection académique and the great Lisbon earthquake

Anne Saada et Jean Sgard, Tremblements dans la presse

Gilbert Larochelle, Voltaire: du tremblement de terre de Lisbonne à la déportation des Acadiens

Monika Gisler, Optimism and theodicy: perceptions of the Lisbon earthquake in protestant Switzerland

Luanne Frank, No way out: Heinrich von Kleist’s Erdbeben in Chile

Estela J. Vieira, Coping and creating after catastrophe: the significance of the Lisbon earthquake of 1755 on the literary culture of Portugal




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