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The Interdisciplinary Century: tensions and convergences in eighteen-century art, history and literature

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729408585
ISBN-10: 0729408582
Author: Julia V. Douthwaite/Ed: Mary Vidal
Publication Date: 25-Apr-2005
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Julia V. Douthwaite and Mary Vidal, Introduction: the history and current polemics of interdisciplinary work

I. Knowledge networks and ‘undisciplined objects’
Daniel Rosenberg, We have never been interdisciplinary: encyclopedism and etymology in the eighteenth century and since
James D. Herbert, Looking at Louis XIV looking: the unity of the disciplines under an absolute monarch
Isabelle Michel-Evrard, Les ressources interdisciplinaires de l’étude de l’illustration au dix-huitième siècle
Mimi Hellman, Object lessons: French decorative art as a model for interdisciplinarity

II. Rescuing the trivial
Mary Sheriff, Disciplinary problems in the history of art, or what to do with rococo queens
Jennifer Milam, Play between disciplines: the problem of the ludic in rococo art and Enlightenment culture

III. The politics of interdisciplinarity
Joan B. Landes, Trespassing: notes from the boundaries
Mark Ledbury, But is it art history? Some thoughts on disciplines, tensions and territories in studies of eighteenth-century art

IV. Defamiliarising the familiar
Gregory S. Brown, Beaumarchais, social experience and literary figures in eighteenth-century public life
Amy S. Wyngaard, Literary texts or historical documents? Revisiting the debates on Rétif de La Bretonne

V. Literature and law
Joan I. Schwarz, Evidence and analysis for interdisciplinary research in eighteenth-century law and literature
Miriam L. Wallace, ‘Doing’ history, or what I learned from the 1794 London Treason Trials
Lisa Jane Graham, Scandal: law, literature and morality in the early Enlightenment

VI. Centres and margins, on past and future
Laurent Loty, Pour l’indisciplinarité
David Andress, Can culture really explain politics? Interdisciplinary historiography, enlightenment and revolution
Joan DeJean, On becoming a historian...


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