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Book Illustration, Taxes and Propaganda: the Fermiers généraux edition of La Fontaine's Contes et nouvelles en vers of 1762

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729408851
ISBN-10: 072940885X
Author: David Adams
Publication Date: 01-Nov-2006
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Table of Contents: Acknowledgements

List of illustrations

1. Introduction: the French illustrated book in the eighteenth century
i. Introduction
ii. The Compagnie des Fermiers généraux
iii. The Fermiers and the authorities
iv. The publication of the Contes et nouvelles en vers
v. The fate of the Contes
vi. Editions of the Contes before 1762
vii. Illustrated editions of the Contes before 1762
viii. The genesis of the illustrations
ix. Questions of interpretation
x. Some historical conclusions

2. The illustrations to La Fontaine’s Contes et nouvelles en vers, volume 1

3. The illustrations to La Fontaine’s Contes et nouvelles en vers, volume 2

4. The lessons of the Eisen illustrations
i. General observations on the interpretation of the illustrations
ii. The presentation of the plates – themes and variations
iii. The Contes as a rococo book
iv. Nudity in French illustrated books of the eighteenth century
v. The place of illustrations in French eighteenth-century books
vi. The audience for the illustrations
vii. La Fontaine and the idea of personal freedom
viii. The theme of freedom as manifested in the Contes
ix. The Fermiers généraux, freedom and conventional values
x. The assertion of the Fermiers’ freedom in the illustrations
xi. Revelations: the role of curtains and clothing
xii. The significance of the 1762 Contes in the history of the eighteenth-century French illustrated book
xiii. Epilogue

List of works cited


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