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Wife-abuse in Eighteenth-century France

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729409551
Author: Mary Seidman Trouille
Publication Date: 04-Feb-2009
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Table of Contents: Introduction. Scorned, battered and bruised: marriage and wife-abuse in eighteenth-century French fiction and society

I. Socio-historical and legal contexts
1. Moderate correction, rule of thumb: the norms of spousal abuse in eighteenth-century France

II. Wife-abuse in the courts: separation cases from Des Essarts’s Causes celebres and Bellart’s Mémoires
2. For better or worse? Venereal disease as grounds for marital separation in the case of Mme Blé (Reims, 1757 and Paris, 1771)
3. A victim of her own naivety? The separation suit of the marquise de Mézières (Paris, 1775)
4. Battered wife or clever opportunist? The separation case of Mme Rouches (Toulouse, 1782)
5. Challenging male violence and the double standard in the courts: the separation case of Mme
6. Bellart’s critique of the 1792 divorce law in his defence of Mme de L’Orme (Paris, 1803) and M.

III. Wife-abuse in eighteenth-century French fiction
7. ‘Until death do us part’: fact and fiction in Sade’s Marquise de Gange
8. Buried alive: Genlis’s Gothic tale of marital violence in ‘Histoire de la duchesse de C***’
9. Truth stranger than fiction: wife-abuse in Rétif de La Bretonne’s Ingénue

Conclusion: Intersections of literature, law and life experience in accounts of wife-abuse



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