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Locke's Political Liberty: Readings and Misreadings

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729409582
Author: Ed: Christophe Miqueu/Ed: Mason Chamie
Publication Date: 07-May-2009
Additional Information:

Table of Contents: Wilda Anderson, Preface

Christophe Miqueu, Introduction – Beyond canon and revision: exploring Locke’s réception

I: From resistance to toleration
Jean Terrel, Constituent power and resistance: did Locke have any followers?
Pierre Lurbe, Political liberty in John Toland’s Anglia Libera
Daniel Carey, Two strategies on toleration: Locke, Shaftesbury and diversity
Christopher Brooke, ‘Locke en particulier les a traitées exactement dans les mêmes principes que moi’: revisiting the relationship between Locke and Rousseau
Gerhardt Stenger, Liberty and toleration: Locke, Voltaire and ‘laïcité à la française’

II: From propriety to property
Duncan Kelly, The propriety of liberty and the quality of responsible agency
Pierre-Yves Quiviger, Sieyès as a reader of John Locke: metaphysics, politics and law
Jørn Schøsler, The reception of Locke’s political philosophy in Denmark – an historical approach
James Farr, Locke, natural law and New World slavery
Jean-Fabien Spitz, Nozick’s ‘Locke on Property’: an obituary
John Dunn, Postface


Selected bibliography


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