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Epicurus in the Enlightenment

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729409872
Author: Ed: Neven Leddy/Ed: Avi S. Lifschitz
Publication Date: 04-Dec-2009
Additional Information:

Table of Contents: Neven Leddy and Avi S. Lifschitz, Epicurus in the Enlightenment: an introduction

Elodie Argaud, Bayle’s defence of Epicurus: the use and abuse of Malebranche’s Méditations chrétiennes

Hans W. Blom, The Epicurean motif in Dutch notions of sociability in the seventeenth century

Thomas Ahnert, Epicureanism and the transformation of natural law in the early German Enlightenment

Charles T. Wolfe, A happiness fit for organic bodies: La Mettrie’s medical Epicureanism

Natania Meeker, Sexing Epicurean materialism in Diderot

Pierre Force, Helvétius as an Epicurean political theorist

Andrew Kahn, Epicureanism in the Russian Enlightenment: Dmitrii Anichkov and atomic theory

Matthew Niblett, Man, morals and matter: Epicurus and materialist thought in England from John Toland to Joseph Priestley

James A. Harris, The Epicurean in Hume

Neven Leddy, Adam Smith’s critique of Enlightenment Epicureanism

Avi S. Lifschitz, The Enlightenment revival of the Epicurean history of language and civilisation



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