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Representing Private Lives of the Enlightenment

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Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729410038
Author: Ed: Andrew Kahn
Publication Date: 10-Nov-2010
Additional Information:

Table of Contents: Andrew Kahn, Introduction: The problem of private life

Sarah Maza, Historians and eighteenth-century private life: an overview

Caroline Warman, Intimate, deprived, uncivilised: Diderot and the publication of the private moment

Olivier Ferret, Inventing private lives: the representation of private lives in French Vies privées

Lise Andries, The private life of criminals

Alison Oliver, La Nouvelle Héloïse and Wolmar’s project: transforming passion into ‘familiarité fraternelle’

Larry Wolff, Private life, personal liberty and sexual crime in eighteenth-century Venice: the case of Gaetano Franceschini

Viktor Zhivov, Handling sin in eighteenth-century Russia

Irina Reyfman, Writing, ranks and the eighteenth-century Russian gentry experience

Andreas Schönle, Private walks and public gazes: Enlightenment and the use of gardens in eighteenth-century Russia

Mark Ledbury, Embracing and escaping the material: genre painting, objects and private life in eighteenth-century France

Shearer West, Eccentricity and the self: private character in English public portraiture

Adam Sutcliffe, Friendship and materialism in the French Enlightenment

M.O. Grenby, Captivating Enlightenment: eighteenth-century children’s books and the private life of the child

Andrei Zorin, Schiller, gonorrhoea and original sin in the emotional life of a Russian nobleman




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