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Joseph de Maistre and the legacy of Enlightenment

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729410083
Author: Ed: Carolina Armenteros/Ed: Richard A. Lebrun
Publication Date: 28-Jan-2011
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Table of Contents: Carolina Armenteros and Richard A. Lebrun, Introduction

I. Polemics of the Counter-Enlightenment
Darrin M. McMahon, The genius of Maistre
Joseph Eaton, ‘This babe-in-arms’: Joseph de Maistre’s critique of America
Jean-Yves Pranchère, The negative of the Enlightenment, the positive of order and the impossible positivity of history

II. Makers and heirs of the Enlightenment
Philippe Barthelet, The Cambridge Platonists mirrored by Joseph de Maistre
Carolina Armenteros, Maistre’s Rousseaus
Yannis Constantinidès, Two great enemies of the Enlightenment: Joseph de Maistre and Schopenhauer

III. Maistrian afterlives of the theological Enlightenment
Douglas Hedley, Enigmatic images of an invisible world: sacrifice, suffering and theodicy in Joseph de Maistre
Emile Perreau-Saussine, Why Maistre became Ultramontane
Aimee E. Barbeau, The Savoyard philosopher: deist or Neoplatonist?
Elcio Vercosa Filho, The pedagogical nature of Maistre’s thought

Carolina Armenteros, Conclusion




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