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The Enlightenment in Bohemia: Religion, Morality and Multiculturalism

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Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729410144
Author: Ed: Cerman; Krueger; Reynolds
Publication Date: 06-Jul-2011
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Table of Contents: Ivo Cerman, Introduction: the Enlightenment in Bohemia

I. Enlightenment institutions and media
Rita Krueger, The scientific academy and beyond: the institutions of the Enlightenment
Ivo Cerman, The Enlightenment universities
Claire Madl and Michael Wögerbauer, Censorship and book supply
Helga Meise, Morality, fiction and manners in the moral weeklies in Prague
Andreas Önnerfors, Freemasonry and civil society: reform of manners and the Journal für Freymaurer (1784-1786)

II. The construction of a secular morality?
Ivo Cerman, Ethics and natural law: Jesuit Wolffianism in Prague 1750-1773
Ivo Cerman, Secular moral philosophy: Karl Heinrich Seibt
Ivo Cerman, Moral anthropology of Joseph Nikolaus Windischgrätz

III. Towards a Josephist moral theology
Martin Gaži, The Enlightenment from below: the Catholic regular clergy in Bohemia and Moravia
Jaroslav Lorman, The concept of moral theology of Augustin Zippe, a moral theologian at the turn of the epoch

IV. Morality in the Jewish world
Pavel Sládek, Ezekiel Landau (1713-1793) – a political rabbi
Louise Hecht, The Haskalah in Bohemia and Moravia: a gendered perspective
Rachel Manekin, The moral education of Jewish youth: the case of Bne Zion

David Sorkin, Afterword: the Enlightenment – Bohemian style?

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