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Women, Work and Clothing in eighteenth-century Spain

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729410229
Author: Rebecca Haidt
Publication Date: 10-Nov-2011
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Table of Contents: 1. Introduction

2. Petimetría, women’s work and the economics of desire

3. Petimetras, seamstresses, modistas: clothing work and the margins of ‘decency’

4. ‘Todo lo hago yo’: petimetrascriadas and the value of clothing-related (house)work

5. Migrations of women, work and goods

6. Majas and petimetras in the barrio wars: work, casticismo and the clothed body

7. Majaspetimetras and ‘decency’: the wretchedness of modas, the nobility of sal

8. Petimetras and ragpickers: ‘La flor de Europa’

9. Conclusion



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