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Germaine de Staël: Forging a Politics of Mediation

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729410243
Author: Ed: Karyna Szmurlo
Publication Date: 06-Dec-2011
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Table of Contents: Madelyn Gutwirth, Preface

Karyna Szmurlo, Introduction

I. Revolutionary engagements
Marie-Eve Beausoleil, Germaine de Staël as political activist: print, privacy and opinion in the French Revolution (1789-1799)
Paul S. Spalding, Germaine de Staël’s role in rescuing Lafayette, 1792-1797
Catriona Seth, Germaine de Staël and Marie-Antoinette
Doris Y. Kadish, Patriarchy and abolition: Staël and fathers
Carrie F. Klaus, The ‘French’ and the ‘foreign’ in works by Germaine de Staël, Isabelle de Charrière and Cornélie Wouters
Chinatsu Takeda, On a liberal interpretation of the French Revolution: Mme de Staël’s Considérations sur la Révolution française
Aurelian Craiutu, Moderation and the Groupe de Coppet
Susan Tenenbaum, Turning honour on its head: Germaine de Staël’s indictment of Napoleon
Jean-Marie Roulin, Ontology and the politics of return in Germaine de Staël

II. In space and time: cultural cross-currents
Ann T. Gardiner, From group to traveller’s network: thoughts on reconfiguring sociability in Germaine de Staël
Clorinda Donato, Against Coppet’s Italie: Ugo Foscolo’s engaged Italian Romanticism
Robert Casillo, Staël, Stendhal and the reputation of the modern Italians
Paola Giuli, Poetry and national identity: Corinne, Corilla and the idea of Italy
Nanora Sweet, Staël the poet: recuperating Italy
Ulrike Wagner, From words to worlds: De l’Allemagne and the transnational recasting of the ancient past
Eric Gidal, Conversation and censorship: De l’Allemagne and the British reviews




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