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Dramatic Battles in Eighteenth-Century France: Philosophes, Anti-Philosophes and Polemical Theatre

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729410472
Author: Logan J. Connors
Publication Date: 04-Jul-2012
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Table of Contents: Acknowledgements

List of illustrations

Introduction: decision makers, doctes and theatre

1. Culture wars: philosphes and anti-philosophes in eighteenth-century France

2. The anatomy of a crime: polemics, pamphlets and preconditioning

3. A critical performance: Les Philosophes hits the boards

4. Parterre and balcony, spectator and reader: Palissot’s dramaturgical strategies

5. Pamphlets on the stage: Voltaire’s riposte philosophique

6. Spectators or readers? Voltaire’s ‘public’ concerns in L’Ecossaise

7. The affair continues: critical uncertainty in eighteenth-century France

8. (Re)Creating the event: performance criticism as intellectual war

9. Following the event: new definitions of theatre and criticism

10. Aftermath: theatre and polemics in pre-Revolutionary France

Conclusion: le cri public



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