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Seeing Satire in the Eighteenth Century

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729410632
Author: Ed: Elizabeth C. Mansfield/Ed: Kelly Malone
Publication Date: 14-Feb-2013
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Table of Contents: Elizabeth C. Mansfield and Kelly Malone, Introduction: seeing satire in the Age of Reason

Emmanuel Schwartz, 1. Satire unmasked by reading

Eric Rosenberg, 2. The impossibility of painting: the satiric inevitability of John Singleton Copley’s Boy with a squirrel

Julie-Anne Plax, 3. Watteau’s witticisms: visual humor and sociability

Emily Richardson, 4. ‘Tu n’as pas tout vü !’: seeing satire in the Saint-Aubin Livre de caricatures

Melissa Lee Hyde, 5. Needling: embroidery and satire in the hands of Charles-Germain de Saint-Aubin

Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell, 6. ‘He is not dressed without a muff’: muffs, masculinity, and la mode in English satire

Trevor Burnard, 7. ‘A compound mongrel mixture’: racially coded humor, satire, and the denigration of white Creoles in the British Empire 1784-1834

Reva Wolf, 8. Seeing satire in the peepshow

Steven Minuk, 9. Swift’s satire of vision

Michael Yonan, 10. Messerschmidt, the Hogarth of sculpture

Katherine Mannheimer, 11. Anatomizing print’s perils: Augustan satire’s textual bodies

Marcus C. Levitt, 12. ‘Women’s wiles’ in Mikhail Chulkov’s The Comely cook

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