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Experiencing the French Revolution

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729410663
Author: ed: David Andress
Publication Date: 17-May-2013
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Table of Contents: David Andress, Introduction: Revolutionary historiography, adrift or at large? The paradigmatic quest versus the exploration of experience.

I. Experiencing Revolutionary transitions
Simon Burrows, French banned books in international perspective, 1770-1789
Charles Walton, Between trust and terror: patriotic giving in Revolutionary France
Peter McPhee, Robespierre and violence
Mette Harder, Reacting to revolution – the political career(s) of J.-L. Tallien
Ian Germani, ‘The most striking and the most terrible examples’: the experience of military justice in the armies of the French Revolution

II. Experiences at the heart of the Terror
Alex Fairfax-Cholmeley, Defence, collaboration, counter-attack: the role and exploitation of the printed word by victims of the Terror, 1793-1794
Jonathan Smyth, Public experience of the revolution: the national reaction to the proclamation of the Fête de l’Etre Suprême
Ronen Steinberg, Trauma before trauma: imagining the effects of the Terror in the Revolutionary era
Marisa Linton, The stuff of nightmares: plots, assassinations and duplicity in the mental world of the Jacobin leaders, 1793-1794 

III. Revolutionary experiences beyond France
Brecht Deseure, ‘Rappelez-leur, pour mieux les persuader’: French political legitimation and historical discourse in Belgium (1792-1799) 
Ffion Jones, ‘The silly expressions of French revolution…’: the experience of the Dissenting community in south-west Wales, 1797
J. Ward Regan, Thomas Paine: life during wartime 




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