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Representing Violence in France, 1760-1820

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729410762
Author: Ed: Thomas Wynn
Publication Date: 11-Oct-2013
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Table of Contents: Thomas Wynn, Introduction

I. Violence and the crisis of reason
John Dunkley, Gambling and violence: Loaisel de Tréogate as a neuroscientist? 
Olivier Ritz, Metaphors of popular violence in the Revolutionary debate in the wake of Edmund Burke
Stéphanie Genand, Dreaming the Terror: the other stage of revolutionary violence
Pierre Saint-Amand, Gothic explosions: Révéroni Saint-Cyr’s Pauliska ou La Perversité moderne

II. Violence and the (re)writing of history
Catriona Seth, The ‘dix août’ (10 August 1792) in literary texts
Michèle Vallenthini, Violence in history and the rise of the historical novel: the case of the marquis de Sade
Yann Robert, The everlasting trials of Jean Calas: justice, theatre and trauma in the early years of the Revolution
Pierre Frantz, Violence in the theatre of the Revolution

III. Violence and institutions
Thomas Wynn, Violence, vulnerability and subjectivity in Sade
Odile Jaffré-Cook, The Bastille or the ‘Enfer de Dutailli de Saint-Pierre’
Ourida Mostefai, Violence, terrorism and the legacy of the Enlightenment: debates around Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the Revolution

IV. Violence and morality
Malcolm Cook, Violence in the work of Bernardin de Saint-Pierre
Rebecca Sopchik, Violence and the monster: the Private lives of the duc d’Orléans
Jean-Christophe Abramovici, ‘Avec une telle violence que…’: Sade’s use of the term violence
Will McMorran, The sound of violence: listening to rape in Sade
Michel Delon, Violence in the novels of Charlotte [de] Bournon-Malarme




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