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Intellectual Journeys: The Translation of Ideas in Enlightenment England, France and Ireland

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729410786
Author: L Andries/F Ogée/J Dunkley/D Sanfey
Publication Date: 04-Dec-2013
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Table of Contents: Lise Andries, Frédéric Ogée, Darach Sanfey and John Dunkley, Introduction

I. Translation
Samuel Baudry, Imitation and translation: the debate in eighteenth-century Britain and Ireland
Garry Headland, Arthur Murphy: adapter, imitator and translator
Seán Patrick Donlan, ‘If my labour hath been of service’: translating Thomas Nugent, c.1700?-1772
John Baker, Lost and found in translation: adapting and adopting Young – from the Night thoughts to the Nuits d’Young, passing by the Love of fame
Pierre Degott, ‘Let me have the credit of the translation’: French and English operatic adaptations of Tom Jones

II. Art and literature
John Dunkley, Destouches and the London theatre: the 1722 performance of L’Ingrat and after
Anne Richardot, L’histoire anglaise à la française
Lise Andries, La littérature de faits divers criminels en France et en Angleterre
Emma Barker, Greuze and England

III. The circulation of knowledge
Ann Thomson, Toland, Dodwell, Swift and the circulation of irreligious ideas in France: what does the study of international networks tell us about the ‘radical Enlightenment’?
Darach Sanfey, ‘Un redoutable talent pour la dispute’: Montesquieu and the Irish
Máire Kennedy, Irish booksellers and the movement of ideas in the eighteenth century
Sarah Easterby-Smith, Cross-Channel commerce: the circulation of plants, people and botanical culture between France and Britain, c.1760-c.1789

IV. The press
Alexis Lévrier, Justus Van Effen, un ‘passeur’ entre les presses anglaise et française
Anne-Marie Mercier, Les échanges culturels entre Français et Anglais: vers une meilleure compréhension? L’exemple de la presse (L’Esprit des journaux) entre 1772 et 1785
Muriel Collart and Daniel Droixhe, Grandeur et décadence des Patagons? De la Critical review à L’Esprit des journaux(1767-1780) 
Allison Neill-Rabaux, A Literary journal: a forum for exchange in Ireland? 
Vladislav Rjéoutski, Cas de transfert culturel triangulaire: Grande-Bretagne–France–Russie: le Journal des sciences et des arts de Philippe Hernandez, Moscou, 1761


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