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Rococo Echo: Art, History and Historiography from Cochin to Coppola

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729411585
Author: Ed: Melissa Lee Hyde/Ed: Katie Scott
Publication Date: 11-Dec-2014
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Table of Contents: Foreword. Rococo echo: style and temporality, Katie Scott

I. Rococo revivals: the nineteenth century
1. The uncomfortable Frenchness of the German Rococo, Michael Yonan
2. Rococo republicanism, elizabeth mansfield
3. Scavenging Rococo: trouvailles, bibelots and counter-revolution, Tom Stammers
4. Vive l’amateur! The Goncourt house revisited, Andrew McClellan
5. Pierrot’s periodicity: Watteau, Nadar and the circulation of the Rococo, Marika T. Knowles
6. Remembrance of things past: Robert de Montesquiou, Emile Gallé and Rococo revival during the fin de siècle, Meredith Martin
7. Irregular rococo Impressionism, Anne Higonnet

II. Rococo: the eighteenth century
8. Was there such a thing as rococo painting in eighteenth-century France?, Colin B. Bailey
9. ‘A wild kind of imagination’: eclecticism and excess in the English rococo designs of Thomas Johnson, Brigid von Preussen
10. Out of time: Fragonard, with David, Satish Padiyar
11. Rococo and spirituality from Paris to Rio de Janeiro, Gauvin Alexander Bailey

III. New Rococo: the twentieth century and beyond
12. Sedlmayr’s Rococo, Kevin Chua
13. Warhol’s Rococo: style and subversion in the 1950s, Allison Unruh
14. The new Rococo: Sofia Coppola and fashions in contemporary femininity, Rebecca Arnold
15. Post-colonial Rococo: Yinka Shonibare MBE plays Fragonard, Sarah Wilson
16. The Rococo revival and the old art history, Carol Duncan

Afterword. The Rococo dream of happiness as ‘a delicate kind of revolt’, Melissa Lee Hyde

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