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Charles-Joseph Natoire and the Académie de France in Rome: A Re-Evaluation

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729411622
Author: Reed Benhamou
Publication Date: 07-Apr-2015
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Table of Contents: Introduction

Part I (1700-1751)
1. In the bosom of the family (Natoire, 1751)
2. His gift for painting (d’Antin, 1723)
3. The brilliant verve of Natoire and Boucher (Locquin, 1912)
4. Natoire is the most qualified (Tournehem, 1750)

Part II (1752-1777)
5. It seems necessary to pass some time in Rome (Perrault, 1664)
6. A deep understanding of what is required (d’Antin, 1708)
7. My position requires it (Natoire, 1755)
8. Completely inadequate for a difficult time (Lecoy, 1874)
9. This strayed lamb (Natoire, 1753)
10. Never a more singular case (Mémoires secrets, 1768)
11. I’ve been advancing money to the Academy for a long time (Natoire, 1773) 
12. I must obey and conform (Natoire, 1775)

Appendix 1: Natoire and art (1737-1777) 
Appendix 2: Natoire and money (1752-1777) 



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