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Theatre and the Novel, from Behn to Fielding

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729411653
ISBN-10: 0729411656
Author: Anne F. Widmayer
Publication Date: 09-Jul-2015
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Table of Contents: Introduction

1. Aphra Behn’s dramatic techniques in prose: credibility and female power
i. Behn’s and Southerne’s Oroonokos: individuals and groups
ii. Parallels between the narrator and Oroonoko
iii. Echoes of Rover I

2. Performed emotion in Delarivier Manley’s works: actors and voyeurs
i. Discovering emotion in Manley’s plays
ii. Scenes in Manley’s prose
iii. Validating female emotion in Memoirs of Europe and The Power of love

3. Hybrid dramatic-narrative techniques: William Congreve’s Incognita and The Old batchelor
i. Staging lovers in Dryden’s Assignation and Congreve’s Incognita
ii. Scarron’s influence upon Incognita
iii. Heartwell as satirical commentator in The Old batchelor

4. Abandoning control over ‘reality’: author-characters in Henry Fielding’s plays
i. The satirist satirized in Fielding’s author-character plays
ii. Author-characters as Fielding’s theatrical avatars

5. Self-conscious anti-realism: readers as actor-authors in Henry Fielding’s prose
i. Fielding’s self-ironizing author-characters
ii. Novel characters who comment metatheatrically

6. Conclusion



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