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Enlightenment Spain and the 'Encyclopédie Méthodique'

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729411707
Author: Ed: Clorinda Donato/Ed: Ricardo López
Publication Date: 04-Nov-2015
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Table of Contents: List of illustrations


Note to the translations

1. Clorinda Donato, Introduction. ‘Espagne’ or ‘España’? Answering Enlightenment in the Encyclopedia metódica, the Spanish translation of the Encyclopédie méthodique

2. ‘Espagne’, by Nicolas Masson de Morvilliers

‘Spain’, by Nicolas Masson de Morvilliers. Translated by Clorinda Donato and Ricardo López

3. ‘España’, by Julián de Velasco

‘Spain’, by Julián de Velasco. Translated by Clorinda Donato and Ricardo López 

4. Biographical notes

5. Brittany Anderson-Cain, Locating encyclopedic knowledge in the global eighteenth century: a bibliographical essay



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