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Ancients and Moderns in Europe: Comparative Perspectives

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729411776
Author: Ed: Paddy Bullard/Ed: Alexis Tadié
Publication Date: 07-Jun-2016
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Table of Contents: Paddy Bullard and Alexis Tadié, Introduction

Part I: Ancient knowledge and modern mediations

1. Vittoria Feola, The Ancients with the Moderns: Oxford’s approaches to publishing ancient science

2. Alexis Tadié, Ancients, Moderns and the language of criticism

3. Stéphane Van Damme, Digging authority: archaeological controversies and the recognition of the metropolitan past in early eighteenth-century Paris

Part II: Logic and criticism across borders

4. Martine Pécharman, From Lockean logic to Cartesian(ised) logic: the case of Locke’s Essay and its contemporary controversial reception

5. Marcus Walsh, Scholarly documentation in the Enlightenment: validation and interpretation

6. Karen Collis, Reading the Ancients at the turn of the century: the third Earl of Shaftesbury (1671-1713) and Jean Le Clerc (1657-1736) 

Part III: Conversing with the Ancients: arts and practices

7. Théodora Psychoyou, Ancients and Moderns, Italians and French: the seventeenth-century quarrel over music, its status and transformations

8. Elisabeth Lavezzi, Painting and the tripartite model in Charles Perrault’s Parallèle des Anciens et des Modernes

9. Paddy Bullard, John Evelyn as modern architect and ancient gardener: ‘Lessons of perpetual practice’

10. Sylvie Kleiman-Lafon, Ancient medicine, modern quackery: Bernard Mandeville and the rhetoric of healing

Part IV: The persistence of the Quarrel

11. Amedeo Quondam, Petrarch and the invention of synchrony

12. Karin Kukkonen, Samuel Richardson among the Ancients and Moderns

13. Ourida Mostefai, Finding ancient men in modern times: anachronism and the critique of modernity in Rousseau

14. Ritchie Robertson, Ancients, Moderns and the future: the Querelle in Germany from Winckelmann to Schiller


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