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Casanova: Enlightenment Philosopher

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729411844
Author: Ed: Ivo Cerman/Ed: Susan Reynolds/Ed: Diego Lucci
Publication Date: 15-Sep-2016
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Ivo Cerman, Introduction: the philosophy of Giacomo Casanova

Part I: Casanova’s philosophy: an overview
1. Ivo Cerman, Casanova’s observations on moral philosophy
2. Federico Di Trocchio, The philosophy of the adventurer: Giacomo Casanova beyond libertinism and Enlightenment

Part II: National contexts
3. Wolfgang Rother, Italian Enlightenment debates on religion and Church: Casanova’s philosophy and its background 
4. Maciej Forycki, Casanova and his considerations on the partition of Poland

Part III: Case studies
5. Paolo L. Bernardini and Diego Lucci, Casanova on suicide
6. Jean-Christophe Igalens, Casanova: writing the dream between philosophy and autobiography
7. Gérard Lahouati, Voltaire, Casanova and the Dialogues chrétiens: an investigation
8. Ivo Cerman, ‘Je viens pour vous convertir’: Casanova’s dialogues on philosophy and religion




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