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The Maurists' Unfinished Encyclopedia

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Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729411912
Author: Linn Holmberg
Publication Date: 07-Feb-2017
Additional Information:

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction
Reasons for studying an unfinished encyclopedia
The discovery of the manuscripts, and earlier research

2. The Maurists’ manuscripts under the loupe
The history of the physical documents
Determining the number of writers

3. The history of a dictionary in the making
The Congregation of Saint-Maur: organisation and erudition
Dom Pernety revisited
The dictionary project: picking up the trail
The first phase: translating Wolff’s lexicon (c.1743-1747) 
Competition with the embryonic Encyclopédie (1746) 
Turning point: interruption and transformation (c. 1747) 
The second phase: continuation and abandonment (c.1747-1754/1755) 

4. The Maurists’ manuscripts compared
Establishing limits: comparison to the Dictionnaire de Trévoux
Creating clusters of knowledge: comparison to the Encyclopédie
Other aspects of order: classification and cross-references
Identifying the Maurists’ sources
Mechanical arts and crafts
Natural history
Medical arts
Mathematical sciences

5. The Maurist enterprise and Enlightenment thought
A monastic community in transformation
Responding to the tastes of the time
The middle ground that could have been

Conclusion: ‘To change the way people think’

Appendix 1: nomenclature
Appendix 2: working lists
Appendix 3: illustrations
Appendix 4: fields of knowledge
Appendix 5: transcriptions and translations



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