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Rousseau on Stage: Playwright, Musician, Spectator

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729411998
Author: Ed: Maria Gullstam/Ed: Michael O'Dea
Publication Date: 08-Sep-2017
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Table of Contents:

List of illustrations
Jean-Jacques Rousseau: a theatre and music chronology
List of abbreviations

Maria Gullstam and Michael O’Dea, Introduction: ‘La vérité est que Racine me charme’

Part I. Rousseau as theorist of theatre and opera

1. The anthropological foresight of the Lettre sur les spectacles, Felicity Baker
2. The dramaturgy of Rousseau's Lettre à d’Alembert and its importance for modern theatre, Patrick Primavesi
3. The voice of nature in Rousseau’s theatre: reconstructing a dramaturgy, Jørgen Langdalen
4. Rousseau’s Pygmalion and the limits of (operatic) expression, Jacqueline Waeber

Part II. Rousseau as playwright

5. Pygmalion’s power struggles: Rousseau, Rameau and Galathée, Maria Gullstam
6. Rousseau and his early comedies: the concept of the comic, Marie-Emmanuelle Plagnol-Diéval
7. Rousseau’s Pygmalion and the theatre of autobiography, David Marshall

Part III. Rousseau’s operatic and theatrical posterity

8. The melodic language of Le Devin du village and the evolution of opéra-comique, David Charlton
9. Rousseau’s ghost: Le Devin du village at the Paris Opera, 1770-1779, Michael O’Dea
10. A theatrophobic dramatist: J.-J. Rousseau’s position in theatre historiography and on today’s stage, Willmar Sauter
11. The judgement of Rousseau: Paride ed Elena by Gluck and Calzabigi (Vienna, 1770), Magnus Tessing Schneider


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