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Rebuilding post-Revolutionary Italy: Leopardi and Vico's 'New Science'

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9780729412087
Author: Martina Piperno
Publication Date: 30-Apr-2018
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Table of Contents: Note on conventions
i. Vico’s legacy, Vico’s ‘heir’
ii. Diffraction
iii. The structure of this work
1. Forms of Italian modernity
i. The power of the origins
ii. Belief
2. Principium
i. The pride, the origins and the destiny of the nation
ii. Epics, poetry, creation and nation-building
3. Fictio
i. Redefining fiction
ii. Translating and mediating the ancient world
iii. Was Vico Classicist or Romantic?
iv. Fiction and/as belief
4. Mythos
i. Mytho-logein: Vico and Leopardi as mythologists
ii. Towards ‘Alla Primavera’: Leopardi’s itineraries in myth (1815-1818)
iii. ‘Alla Primavera’: about (un)poetic logic
5. Philology and epos
i. Florence 1827-1828: refoundation, recovery, reconstruction
ii. Zibaldone 4311-4417: Leopardi inside Homer’s system
6. Recourse
i. Rereading Vico in post-Revolutionary Naples: history, progress, perfectibility
ii. ‘Cantare la religione civile’: Vico’s ideas in poetry
iii. Regress, disbelief and fable in Leopardi’s last works

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