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The Geology of Ireland

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Format: Book- Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781903765715
ISBN-10: 1903765714
Author: Ed: Charles Hepworth Holland/Ed: Ian Sanders
Publication Date: 16-Apr-2009
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Number of Pages: 560

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction (C.H. Holland, Trinity College, Dublin, and I.S. Sanders, Trinity College, Dublin); 2. Precambrian (J.S. Daly, University College, Dublin); 3. Ordovician of the North (J.R. Graham, Trinity College, Dublin); 4. Grampian Orogeny (D.M. Chew, Trinity College, Dublin); 5. Cambrian of Leinster (C.H. Holland); 6. Ordovician of the South (J.R. Graham and C.J. Stillman, Trinity College, Dublin); 7. Silurian (C.H. Holland); 8. Late Caledonian orogeny and magmatism (D.M. Chew and C.J. Stillman); 9. Devonian (J.R. Graham); 10. Carboniferous -Mississippian: Tournaisian and Visean (G.D. Sevastopulo, Trinity College, Dublin, and P.N. Wyse Jackson, Trinity College, Dublin); 11. Carboniferous: Mississippian (Serpukhovian) and Pennsylvanian (G.D. Sevastopulo); 12. Variscan deformation and metamorphism (J.R. Graham); 13. Permian and Mesozoic (M.J. Simms, Ulster Museum); 14. Tertiary igneous activity (J. Preston, Queens University, Belfast); 15. Cenozoic: Tertiary and Quaternary (until 11,600 years BP) (P. Coxon, Trinity College, Dublin, and S.G. McCarron, National University of Ireland, Maynooth); 16. The Holocene (F.J.G. Mitchell, Trinity College, Dublin); 17. Geology of offshore Ireland (D. Naylor, Trinity College, Dublin, and P.M. Shannon, University College, Dublin); 18. Geophysical evidence onshore (the late T. Murphy, the late A.W.B. Jacob, and I.S. Sanders, Trinity College, Dublin); 19. A history of Irish Geology (G.L. Herries Davies, Trinity College, Dublin). Index.