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Mathematical Modelling for Earth Sciences

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Format: Book- Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781903765920
ISBN-10: 1903765927
Author: Xin-She Yang
Publication Date: 17-Apr-2008
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Number of Pages: 272

Table of Contents:

I Mathematical Methods 1. Mathematical Modelling; 2. Calculus and Complex Variables; 3. Vectors and Matrices; 4. ODEs and Integral Transforms; 5. PDEs and Solution Techniques; 6. Calculus of Variations; 7. Probability; 8. Geostatistics; II Numerical Algorithms. 9. Numerical Integration; 10. Finite Difference Method; 11. Finite Volume Method; 12. Finite Element Method; III Applications to Earth Sciences. 13. Reaction-Diffusion System; 14. Elasticity and Poroelasticity; 15. Flow in Porous Media. A. Mathematical Formulae. B. Matlab and Octave Programs. Bibliography. Index.